Vegetarian Abalone (素鲍鱼 )


Quantity of Packaging:  170 grams/pkt

Ingredients: Curdlan, Water, Potato Starch, Plant Fiber, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Soy), Disodium Succinate, Kelp powder, Caramel 1, Salt, Ribotide, Sorbitol Solution

Storage Condition: Keep in frozen at -18°C, to maintain the freshness of the products

Recipes: Can be direct consume after defrost. Used as Yu Sheng main ingredients, use in salad, Stir fry with abalone sauce with vegetables, Stew with monkey mushroom head and vegetarian mini sea cucumber as Chinese New year dish!

Country of origin: Taiwan

Allergy Alert: Contains Soy protein products.


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