Floral Paradise Tea (花香乐园茶)


Quantity of packaging: 6g/sachet, 6 pkt/box

Ingredients: Osmanthus, Lily, French Rose Buds, Jasmine buds, Mini rock sugar (桂花, 百合,法国玫瑰,茉莉,冰糖)

Taste: Strong Floral aroma with tinge of sweetness, relaxing and soothing to throat

Health Benefits of this Tea:

Lily Flower: Calming effect helps to ease insomnia, good remedy of lung and throat inflammatory, alleviates skin blemishes, reduce heart disease and inflammatory disorder.

Rose Flower: Whitening effect when consume long term, helps to ease menstrual pain, high antioxidants contributes to anti-ageing and boost immunity, contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that helps to soothe skin irritation such as eczema and skin redness such as acne and scars. Relieves headaches.

Osmanthus Flower: Mild sedative effect, helps relax the mind and reduce oxidative stress. High oxidants that helps improve skin complexion. Osmanthus tea is often consume for people who suffer from dry skin and thick phlegm in throat.

Jasmine Flower: Well known for its sedative effect for calming the brain nervous system and stimulates sensuality. Jasmine is an anti-spasmodic for pain relief and reduce muscle spasms, also helps to lower cholesterol.

Rock Sugar: Unrefined form of sugar that is less sweet than refined sugar. Contains essential nutrients to remove throat swelling and dryness.

Does not contain caffeine.

Things to Take note: Pregnant or breastfeeding women is not advisable to consume this tea. Improves taste with mild tinge of sweetness.


Tea Brewing Method:

  1. Take out 1 tea bag from the packet.
  2. Pour in 250ml of hot water (~90°C) and let it brew for 6-8 mins.

For better taste, you may add in honey or chill it with ice and now you can relax and enjoy your cup of tea!


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