Edible Red Rose Flower


Quantity of packaging:  8-10 grams per punnet (2 variety forms: rose Petals/Rose flower)

Health Benefits:

  1. High Antioxidants – helps to boost immunity and with the presence of beta-carotene and vitamin C, it brighten the skin complexion and reduce the ageing process.
  2. Detoxifying effect
  3. Stress-relieve effect
Country of origin: Australia/Holland
Instruction before consumption:  Rinse it or soak it for few seconds in clean water
1) Garnish in salads and desserts.
2) Infused in your drinking water to add tinge of floral note in it.
3) Sugaring or Glazing
4) Use as a topping on desserts or edible decoration for cakes.
* All roses that you intend to eat must be free of pesticides.  Do not eat flowers from florists, nurseries, or garden centers.
* Only Red rose available, we do not carry stock, thus need pre-order 7-9 days in advance. To store in chiller and to be consume within 3-5 days to ensure freshness of the fresh flowers.

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